With your gift, we PARTNER with organizations in the community that run dynamic, creative and supportive programs and services that make a measurable impact on thousands of lives.
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We invest in the strength of our people by embracing the power of our community.  
We make experiences that build Jewish identity available to everyone through:

B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO)

BBYO’s pluralistic movement of Jewish teens, alumni, parents, volunteers and philanthropists serves as one of the Jewish community’s most valuable platforms for delivering fun, meaningful and affordable experiences to Jewish teens. For over 90 years, BBYO has offered safe and welcoming opportunities for learning and growth. Through peer-led programming, BBYO encourages teens to develop their own Jewish identities and build lasting connections within their community. As the first and the most dynamically inclusive organization of its kind, every Jewish teen, of all backgrounds, anywhere in the world, can find an experience that provides the foundation for a meaningful Jewish life.

Jewish Camps and Day Schools

What sets Jewish camps and day schools apart is not only the unique programming steeped in Jewish tradition, but the role models and teachers who demonstrate how to be good people, ambitious leaders and strongly identified Jews. A Jewish education offers small class sizes, a nurturing environment, and positive peer groups. Academic experiences are rooted in the Jewish practice of critical thinking and ethical behavior. From thought-provoking activities in the classroom to a variety of fun extra-curricular activities, there is truly something for everyone at a Jewish camp or day school.

Jewish Film and Book Festivals

Jewish Film and Book Festivals, in St. Louis and around the world, celebrate the impact and influence of Jewish culture in cinema and literature throughout history and today. The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival, held in June, showcases national and international pieces that explore universal issues through traditional Jewish values, opposing viewpoints and new perspectives. The St. Louis Jewish Book Festival, held annually during November in celebration of National Jewish Book Month, has the largest attendance of festivals in the country. It is the only event of its kind in St. Louis and is open to the entire community, attracting more than 23,000 people over a 15-day period. Throughout the challenges and tensions in our modern world, these festivals remain a safe and respectful place where people of every race, religion and age gather to hear premier speakers and share thoughts and opinions.

Moishe House

Moishe House, a pluralistic international organization, provides meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their 20s. Their innovative model trains, supports and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities for themselves and their peers. Founded in 2006, Moishe House has quickly grown from four friends hosting Shabbat dinners for friends out of their home in Oakland, CA, to 76 thriving houses and over 80,000 program attendees, spanning the globe. From Shabbat dinners and Learning Retreats to book clubs and sporting events, residents find ways to connect their peers with the larger community, wherever they are.

New Jewish Theatre

The New Jewish Theatre, St. Louis’ Premier Small Professional Theatre, is a culturally specific theatre dedicated to the exploration of universal themes and issues and the examination of the full range of the human experience filtered through the lens of the Jewish experience. Through the medium of theatre, the New Jewish Theatre builds bridges of multi-cultural understanding, tolerance, communication and education.

Next Dor STL

Next Dor STL is a vibrant community-driven space with a mission to connect the next generation of Jewish young adults. Through diverse and dynamic programming, Next Dor strives to bring and keep young talent in St. Louis, whether they are new or returning to their hometown. Members are connected and supported through monthly Shabbat dinners, themed social events, game nights, day excursions, and more. Through sharing a welcoming, non-judgmental place to call home with their peers, young Jewish adults can discover and explore their Jewish identity. In the past year alone, Next Dor served 250 young adults in their 900 visits.

Nishmah: The St. Louis Jewish Women’s Project

Nishmah, a program of the St. Louis Jewish Community Center, inspires, engages, and supports Jewish women. Through inspirational programming, Nishmah brings together Jewish women and girls from different denominations who may have otherwise never met. Together, these women learn from each other, connect, and form bonds through faith and friendship. Nishmah creates the foundation for these Jewish connections that form outside the walls of a synagogue environment.

PJ Library

The PJ Library is an international Jewish family engagement program designed to strengthen the identities of Jewish families and their relationship to the Jewish community. Through monthly book selections that are mailed to each family, young children and their parents can study and share the beauty of their heritage. The PJ Library offers free, high-quality Jewish books and music each month to 100,000 children between the ages of six months and seven years in more than 175 communities in the United States, Canada and Israel. PJ Library also impacts families beyond the books they receive at home by connecting families to the local Jewish community here in St. Louis, and enriching local Jewish programming.

Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library

The Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library is the St. Louis community’s central and comprehensive source for Judaica. Established in 1983 through the generosity of the Saul Brodsky family and with the continued support of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and the St. Louis community, the Brodsky Library has become one of the finest Judaic libraries in the Midwest and an invaluable Jewish resource for the community. The more than 22,000 volume collection of the Brodsky Library covers every aspect of Judaism.  The library also has large collections of CDs, DVDs and periodicals and houses the St. Louis Jewish Community Archives.

Hillel at Washington University in St. Louis

Founded in 1946, Hillel at Washington University in St. Louis has fostered campus Jewish life for generations of students. Their mission is to be the catalyst for Jewish life among college students in St. Louis. Hillel connects students with one another and with Jewish culture and traditions through service and social justice, Israel engagement, religious life, and social and leadership programs. The Hillel building reopened in the spring of 2014 after a complete renovation, providing a warm and inviting space to relax, study, hang out with friends, attend a program or celebrate Shabbat.

The Rubin Israel Experience

The Rubin Israel Experience is an incredible opportunity for young Jews of St. Louis who have never traveled to Israel to do so with their peers at no cost. It’s not often that such an amazing, life-changing opportunity is available to young Jews. It is the hope and expectation for this unique Israel experience to inspire participants to be full of energy and passion for Jewish community involvement upon their return. This trip demonstrates the Jewish community’s dedication and investment in young adults who possess the ability to step up and be a leader in their community.


We keep our world safe and informed through these national, international and local agencies that educate the community and advocate for Jewish life:

Holocaust Museum and Learning Center (HMLC)

Since it’s opening in 1995, the HMLC has been providing the St. Louis community with rich history and a platform for diversity awareness, education, and dialogue. Through public lectures, temporary exhibits, film series, and teacher-training workshops, the HMLC is a home for emerging ideas, historical perspectives and constructive discourse. The HMLC houses a 5,000 square foot core exhibition that provides a chronological history of the Holocaust with personal accounts of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to St. Louis. Photographs, artifacts, text panels and audio-visual displays guide visitors through pre-war Jewish life in Europe, the rise of Nazism and events during the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945, and post-war events including the Nuremberg Trials and Jewish life after the Holocaust. The HMLC also houses a comprehensive video library with more than 500 titles and an oral history project with approximately 150 testimonies that are available to educators and the public.

HMLC Law enforcement training

In order for St. Louis’ police force to serve and protect to the best of their ability, officers must be educated on the diverse community they serve. At the HMLC, officers receive special training on inclusion, diversity, sensitivity and tolerance. The goal of the program is for St. Louis police officers to achieve a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the history of the Holocaust, the Jewish religion and its citizens. This increased social awareness empowers officers to better serve our community.

Interfaith Relations

The Jewish Community Relations Council works with leaders and members of diverse faiths in an effort to promote greater understanding and respect and reduce prejudice among faith groups in the St. Louis area. Interfaith programs focus on building connections between Christian and Jewish groups as well as Muslim and Jewish groups. Much of the effort to build relationships between faith groups is done through dialogue groups that provide non-threatening forums for each group to explore their differences, similarities, and common issues such as social justice and multiculturalism.

Israel Teen Advocacy Group (iTag)

Have you ever been in a situation where a classmate or teacher made an inaccurate statement about Israel but you didn’t know how to respond? Do you want your friends to know how cool Israel is, but you’re not sure how approach the subject? Israel Teen Advocacy Group (iTag), a program of the Jewish Community Relations Council, empowers teens to take an active role in Israel advocacy efforts and provides them with tools to do so. iTag provides a safe and welcoming platform for teens who are passionate about Israel, or would like to learn more, to come together and share a dialogue about the state of Israel.

Israel Trauma Coalition

The mission of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is to create a continuum of care in the trauma field of response and preparedness, by leveraging diverse resources to initiate, prioritize, and optimize services. Created in 2001, the ITC has expanded from direct care to encompass professional training, community-wide interventions, and emergency preparedness, and continues to evolve its scope to address broader issues and needs. The ITC provides a comprehensive view of the trauma field and works to strengthen community resilience, while harnessing the collective knowledge, expertise and experience of Israel’s leading NGO’s and government organizations.

Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)

JCRC’s mission is to educate and advocate on issues of vital importance to the organized Jewish community based on consensus, civility and an expanded commitment to living Jewish values of social justice. JCRC envisions a more just society by sustaining a strong and vibrant Jewish community in the United States and in Israel, and by enhancing that strength through collaboration with other communities.

Missouri Legislator Trip to Israel

The legislative visit to Israel brings influential decision makers to Israel to learn about the importance of Israel as an economic partner. Missouri lawmakers learn from the strong public and private partnerships in Israel that focus on investing in human services. This trip is an opportunity for Missouri’s influential decision makers learn from the innovative programs in Israel and view Israel’s human services infrastructure as a system they might work to emulate.

Student-to-Student Program

Prejudice often results from a lack of knowledge and familiarity. As a response, JCRC developed Student-to-Student (STS), a program striving to reduce stereotypes and prejudice in the students it reaches. Initially funded in 1992 by a planning grant of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, STS has reached thousands of students in area schools that lack a Jewish presence. Young people who have had this experience can now put a “human face” to Judaism – the best antidote to bigotry and intolerance.

The Jewish Agency for Israel

Since 1929, The Jewish Agency for Israel has been working to secure a vibrant Jewish future. They were instrumental in founding and building the State of Israel and continue to serve as the main link between the Jewish state and Jewish communities everywhere. Today, they connect the global Jewish family, bringing Jews to Israel, and Israel to Jews, by providing meaningful Israel engagement and facilitating Aliyah. The Jewish Agency for Israel also works to build a better society in Israel and beyond by energizing young Israelis and their worldwide peers to rediscover a collective sense of Jewish purpose. They continue to be the Jewish world’s first responder, prepared to address emergencies in Israel and to rescue Jews from countries where they are at risk.

Victims of Terror Project

Chabad’s Terror Victims Project (CTVP) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that embodies the spirit, love and compassion of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. With over 300 Chabad Houses across the length and breadth of Israel, they are within minutes of every city, town and village. From the moment an act of violence takes place, CTVP’s emergency response teams are there, forging an immediate bond with the victims and their families, bringing them financial, practical, emotional and spiritual support as they struggle to reclaim and rebuild their lives.


We fund these programs for professionals and lay leaders in St. Louis to cultivate, educate and inspire leaders:

Board Boot Camp

Board Boot Camp is sponsored by the Millstone Institute, a community-wide endeavor to engage and inspire volunteer leaders and professionals. Through a myriad of training sessions and speaker series, Board Boot Camp attendees learn how to be effective and inspiring leaders and collaborate productively with a team. Depending on the session, speakers facilitate interactive programs to share visions for success such as effective decision making, role clarification, making powerful asks, organizing priorities, overcoming common roadblocks and ensuring ongoing engagement.

IMPACT series

IMPACT series has developed into Board Boot Camp. The program provided training for board members and professionals to support and elevate the work of their organizations in a collaborative atmosphere.


JProStl is an association dedicated to supporting professionals working at Jewish organizations in St. Louis. Its mission is to provide training, resources, and networking opportunities in order to strengthen staff members, their organizations, and the community as a whole. JProStl enables a diverse professional community to see their work as bigger than their individual jobs.  No matter their age, career path or affiliation, JProStl weaves individual passions into the fabric of a vibrant local community.

Millstone Fellows

Millstone Fellows is the Millstone Institute’s premier program for emerging and established leaders in the St. Louis Jewish community. This select 8-month leadership program creates the space to effectively tackle challenging conversations and community situations. Facilitated by local and national trainers and educators, participants explore values based leadership, create shared visions, examine trends in Jewish life and strengthen skills for community building.

Millstone Institute

The Millstone Institute for Jewish Leadership supports the work of our Jewish community organizations, cultivates new leaders and strengthens the sense of connection among the staff and volunteers who lead the diverse non-profit, philanthropic, social services, educational and religious institutions in the St. Louis Jewish community. It is the first initiative of its kind in the United States. Workshops, seminars, institutional governance training and Jewish learning help current leaders improve the service they provide as volunteers and board members, elevate their management skills, deepen their Jewish knowledge and strengthen their relationships with colleagues.

Presidents’ Circle

The Millstone Institute Presidents’ Circle brings together board presidents, presidents-elect, clergy, executives and CEOs to build relationships and understanding, share resources, and enhance the environment for new collaborations. President’s Circle allows established leaders to share their experience and wisdom and forge personal relationships. Members enhance the leadership skills they possess, acquire and sharpen new skills and assist other leaders in improving the lives of all the people of the St. Louis region.

The Internship Experience for Future Community Leaders

The Internship Experience for Future Community Leaders was created to inspire, support and retain the next generation of Jewish Leaders in the St. Louis community by providing meaningful engagement with St. Louis businesses, non-profits and community leaders. This eight-week paid summer opportunity matches students with a local business or non-profit organization based on their interests and goals for the summer. Each student is also paired with a mentor in the community who helps to guide them throughout the internship to make the most of the experience. All participants engage in a series of leadership development sessions to help hone skills around areas such as networking, communication, leadership styles and more.

The Karen Solomon Inclusion Internship

Karen Solomon Internship Initiative is a 16-week program designed to provide job skills and workplace experience for young adults with disabilities. The internship not only provides the individual with meaningful employment and career training, but also fills staff needs at Jewish Federation of St. Louis and develops a culture of workplace inclusion. The next phase of this program is soon to be put in motion, in which we will reach out to other Jewish agencies in the St. Louis community and encourage them to adapt this program and implement it within their community.

The Wexner Heritage Program

The mission of the Wexner Heritage Program is to expand the vision of Jewish volunteer leaders, deepen their Jewish knowledge and confidence, and inspire them to exercise transformative leadership in the Jewish community. The program fulfills this mission by educating up-and-coming Jewish lay leaders in the history, thought, texts and contemporary leadership challenges of the Jewish people. Nearly 1800 leaders from 33 North American cities have participated in the program.


We share our expertise and resources with organizations throughout the community to help agencies run more efficiently and ultimately save the community money and time:

Agency accounting services

Jewish agencies and organizations in the St. Louis community receive accounting services from Jewish Federation of St. Louis when their staff is not large enough to provide these services independently. These services maintain financial records on a general ledger that is a fully integrated system for reporting by both fiscal year and grant periods. Agencies are also assisted with other accounting services including payroll processing, budget preparation, audit preparation and more.

Congregational Chesed Fund

When people are struggling to make ends meet, it can often be more comfortable for them to reach out to a rabbi for help than to go to a social service agency. In order to reach more people in need, the Congregational Chesed Fund enables senior rabbis to offer emergency financial assistance to Jewish individuals in need. Rabbis from 18 congregations and Jewish Family & Children’s Service Chaplaincy program have been offered funds to distribute at their discretion.

Emergency planning and management

Emergency planning and management helps synagogues and agencies be prepared for emergency situations. Some of the preparatory services include providing security audits, implementing an emergency notification system and ensuring up to date contact information for emergencies.

Investment pool

The Jewish Community Investment Pool is an investment portfolio open to all Jewish organizations in the St. Louis region in an effort to provide economic opportunities and investment expertise. The investment fund is expected to generate a total return that will provide growth for both the principal and income. The Federation Investment Committee oversees the Investment Pool with the assistance of an outside Investment Consultant.

Shared insurance

The Jewish Community Insurance Program was developed to reduce community wide costs. The objective of the JCIP is to provide participants the opportunity to purchase property, casualty insurance and other lines of insurance as part of a pool of organizations and thereby achieve premium cost savings and enhanced coverage for each organization.  In the greater St. Louis area the JCIP is available to any Jewish Federation beneficiary agency, Jewish temple or synagogue, or Jewish non-profit organization.

St. Louis Jewish Community Study

The St. Louis Jewish Community Study was conducted in 2014 in an effort to determine the size, geographic distribution, socioeconomic, religious and cultural attributes of the area’s Jewish community. The information gathered during the study will help inform community planning, allocations and programming efforts for Jewish agencies and organizations over the next decade.


We help sustain the Jewish organizations that engage people in Jewish programming, making St. Louis a great place for young adults and people with young children and to live, work, and raise their families:

Challah in the Home

Challah in the Home pairs young adults with a host family in St. Louis to share home-cooked meals while celebrating Jewish experiences. This program helps young adults develop a sense of community in St. Louis by allowing for engagement in shared Jewish rituals with a local family. Host families also assist Jewish young adults in connecting with the St. Louis region and establishing a sense of community.

Concierge for Families with Young Children

The Concierge for Families with Young Children provides personalized services to link families with Jewish resources in St. Louis to meet their individualized needs. In addition to personalized visits to families with preschool-aged children, the Concierge administers the Shalom Baby program to meet families earlier in their children’s lives. The Concierge connects families with community organization and supports families wherever they are along their journey.

Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants stimulate the growth of new ideas that address Jewish education and engagement in the community. Designed to tap the creativity that exists beyond Jewish community congregations, agencies and organizations, the grants were available to individuals or groups of individuals who live in St. Louis. In 2015, five projects where chosen. Innovation Grants provide innovators opportunities to experiment and/or test the feasibility and strength of their ideas. In addition, Jewish Federation of St. Louis will provide support through mentor connections, publicity and marketing efforts, peer consultations and brainstorming sessions, and strategic planning consultation.

Jewish Community Center

During the Jewish Community Center’s 130 year history in St. Louis, the JCC has served as the central meeting place of the Jewish Community. The mission of the Jewish Community Center is to impart Jewish values, promote individual physical and spiritual growth, create a caring community, support those in need, foster Jewish connections in an inclusive and welcoming environment. As a multigenerational gathering place, the JCC offers a variety of services including educational, cultural, social, recreational and Jewish identity building programs.  The JCC has campuses in Creve Coeur, Chesterfield and at Camp Sabra, located in the Lake of the Ozarks.

Jewish in St. Louis website

The Jewish in St. Louis website is a valuable tool that provides easy access to the entire Jewish Community. The key tools include a community calendar, the submission-based community bulletin board and an interactive community directory. The site includes participation form more than 150 Jewish agencies, congregations, organizations and groups. Since launching in 2005, the Jewish in St. Louis website has become one of the most successful Jewish community websites in the U.S.

Ohr Chadash “Teen News by Teen Jews”

Ohr Chadash is a monthly publication in the St. Louis Jewish Light, written and designed by teens, for teens. The teen writers at Ohr Chadash strive to give new angles and insights on topics that teens in the St. Louis Jewish community care about.

Shalom Baby

Shalom Baby is a program designed to welcome Jewish babies and their families to St. Louis and the Jewish community. By extending a hand of friendship to families who have recently experienced the birth or adoption of a child, the program helps families become an integral part of the Jewish community. Through this program, families are introduced to congregations, the Jewish community Center, the Jewish Federation and other Jewish organizations that match each family’s areas of interest.

St. Louis Jewish Community Inclusion Initiative

The mission of the Jewish Community Inclusion Initiative is to promote full participation in Jewish life for individuals with disabilities and their families by enhancing inclusion, providing resources and collaborating with existing services in the St. Louis Jewish community. This initiative envisions a Jewish community that accepts and promotes the dignity and value of every person and supports meaningful inclusion of individuals with disabilities. In an effort to achieve this vision, the Inclusion Initiative provides resources, hosts events and offers mini-grants for inclusive programs.

St. Louis Jewish Light

Since 1947, the St. Louis Jewish Light has provided an award-winning Jewish community newspaper in print and now online as well. The St. Louis Jewish Light provides comprehensive coverage of all events and issues of interest to the Jewish community locally, nationally and worldwide. Articles in the St. Louis Jewish Light cover a wide range of topics including hard news, features, arts and culture, opinions, life cycle events and much more. Approximately 14,000 households receive the Jewish Light in addition to online readers.

Young Professionals Division

Young Professionals Division is a program for post-college Jewish men and women in their 20s and 30s that works to make and strengthen Jewish connections. Young Professionals Division also creates opportunities for young Jews to become involved in the Jewish community and in Jewish Federations. Activities include direct service projects, social programs, leadership development, educational programs and meaningful Israel experiences.

Women’s Philanthropy

Women’s Philanthropy provides an opportunity for every woman in the Jewish community to affirm her Jewish identity and inspire other Jewish women to establish themselves as partners in the community. The mission of Women’s Philanthropy is to bring women in the St. Louis community together to demonstrate the impact of women’s philanthropy and leadership. Women’s Philanthropy provides programming and opportunities for leadership and giving throughout the year.


We support these programs that feed, clothe, shelter, counsel and rescue thousands of people here at home, in Israel and around the world:

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

As the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee impacts millions of people in more than 70 countries. JDC works to alleviate hunger and hardship, rescue Jews in danger, create lasting connection to Jewish life and provide immediate relief and long-term development to support victims of natural and man-made disasters. Since 1914, JDC has worked based on the idea that all Jews are responsible for one another and for improving the well-being of vulnerable people around the world.


The Community Chaplaincy Service provides a Jewish connection for Jewish elderly or disabled adults living in assisted living and nursing facilities outside of mainstream Jewish life. Chaplaincy is provided by Jewish Family and Children’s Service to offer companionship and intellectual stimulation. The Chaplaincy care includes private visits, spiritual counseling, assistance coping with end-of-life issues, education on Jewish topics for staff and residents, Sabbath and holiday celebrations and Jewish study groups for residents. The services are provided by Rabbinic and volunteer staff.

Child abuse prevention

The Child Abuse Prevention Program run by Jewish Family and Children’s Services is a three-tiered educational and safety program that is developmentally appropriate at each stage from age 3 to high school. In a safe and non-threatening manner, children learn how to recognize and prevent abuse through a format designed to engage children of different ages. The educational program begins with teaching preschool aged children about what is a safe touch and how to identify people who can offer help before developing to address Internet safety for preteens and sexual harassment prevention for middle school and high school students. The Child Abuse Prevention Program also provides a comprehensive education for parents and professionals.

Economic Empowerment for Israeli women

To bring about economic change for women in Israel, Economic Empowerment for Women uses a multi-level approach to assist in small business development, broaden public policy and develop specific programs that are based on the needs of a diverse population. The mission of Economic Empowerment of Women is to supply low-income women in Israel with the knowledge and tools they need to create their own small businesses. Through creating businesses, these women are able to gain self-sufficiency and alleviate the cycle of poverty in which they live.

Financial Assistance (changed from Employment counseling, placement and retraining)

In an effort to provide individuals and families with their basic needs, Jewish Family and Children’s Services helps people cope with short-term crisis situations due to unemployment, under-employment, illness, and other unexpected life situations. Families and individuals are provided funds to cover their rent, utilities and other unforeseen financial expense while also receiving individual support and guidance. Social workers educate clients on household budgeting and offer information, referral and work to provide clients with the tools they need to reach and maintain self-sufficiency.

Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry

The Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry provides food, personal care items and community resource referrals to help individuals and families through difficult times. The Jewish Food Pantry is dedicated to alleviating hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds. Kosher food and other special dietary needs are accommodated. The Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry is a program of Jewish Family and Children’s Service.

Homemaker Services

Through the Homemaker Program, Jewish Family and Children’s Service assists the frail elderly and adults with special needs to maintain independence within their home environment. Clients who quality receive professional assessment and an individualize care plan that addresses their special needs. Homemaker services can include light housekeeping, companionship, shopping and errands, laundry, meal preparation, transportation, bathing and grooming and caregiver relief and respite. Individuals are eligible for up to 12 hours of service each week. The Homemaker Program is the only resource in the area that uses a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay.

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

Since 1929, the Jewish Agency for Israel has been working to secure a vibrant Jewish future and connect the global Jewish family. By providing meaningful Israel engagement and facilitating Aliyah, JAFI works to build a better society in Israel and beyond by energizing young Israelis and their peers worldwide to rediscover a collective sense of Jewish purpose. JAFI also serves as the Jewish world’s first responder by being prepared to address emergencies in Israel and rescue Jews from countries where they are at risk.

Jewish Community Center Adult Day Center

The Adult Day Center at the Jewish Community Center provides a community of encouragement, fun and friendship for adults who may be socially isolated, need assistance performing activities of daily living or need special care.  The Adult Day Center provides the care family members want their loved ones to receive, even when they can’t be there to give that care themselves. Caregivers are able to receive a respite while their loved ones enjoy activities including daily exercise, musical entertainment, arts and crafts, pet therapy, intergenerational programs and more.

Leket Israel Food Bank

Leket Israel is the country’s largest food bank and food rescue network working to alleviate the problem of nutrition insecurity among Israel’s diverse population. A quarter of Israel’s population is living on an imbalanced or insufficient diet due to poverty. Leket Israel distributes over half a million pounds of nutritious food every week to benefit Israel’s poor. Leket Israel serves all populations groups at risk in Israel regardless of gender, ethnic background, or religion. Leket Israel also works to assist at-risk population groups and the non-profit organizations who serve them through nutrition education, capacity building and food safety projects.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

The St. Louis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community supports healthy aging adults 65+ who continue to live in their own homes by providing opportunities for meaningful community involvement and increased access to support services.  NORC offers programming to anyone 65+ years old that has an interest in learning, meeting new people, and exploring the cultural institutions in the community. NORC functions within a three-mile service neighborhood in the Creve Coeur area. Members of NORC benefit from service including, minor home repair, computer assistance, professional home and safety assessments and much more.

Social nutrition, subsidized housing and wellness programs for seniors

Covenant Place is a diverse community that provides affordable housing where seniors and adults with mobility impairments can live in a vibrant, safe and supportive community. All seniors are welcomed at Covenant Place both from the living and surrounding community. They are provided programming, resources, and connections to enrich their lives and wellbeing. Seniors at Covenant Place are connected with other Jewish agencies to receive services. One service they receive is the Social Nutrition program through which the Jewish Community Center provides and delivers Kosher meals to both groups and individuals at Covenant Place.


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